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  How It Works

The Storybook is 10 distinct pieces.

In order for you to get the most out of this workshop, I encourage you to do the following. 

-Complete all the assignments. Even if something seems like it doesn't quite fit your organization, everything in the workshop is step up to build on previous assignments, so you'll have a less solid final product if you skip pieces.

-That said, please do what works for you and your organization. If you feel an assignment isn't a good fit, don't hesitate to reach out to me and I can help you modify it into something that is.

-I encourage you to create two versions of your Storybook by the end of the course. One hard copy and one in your files. You want it to be easy to hand to someone at a board orientation or email to a new grant writer.

-Even though it has 10 pieces, the course is designed in 6 units, so some units you'll be completing more than one piece.

How to Use Our Templates

We’ve created a system that is easy to use, as well as adaptable. All the templates have been designed so you can delete options that aren’t relevant to your organization or add more options and information. However, we encourage you to keep each piece to no more than two pages, so they are easy to use. The templates should serve as “at a glance” communication.

Step by step instructions:

1.    Open the desired template. Templates were designed for optimum use in Microsoft Word but can be used in other word processing programs. Note: Some formatting may change if updated outside of Microsoft Word.

2.    Instructions for each template appear at the beginning of the document. Make sure to review those instructions as you move through the template.

3.    In the top left, put in your organization name and delete the curly brackets { }. Throughout the templates, text that needs replaced is in curly brackets { }.

4.    Most templates inc­lude instructions to you at the top inside curly brackets { }. Replace this text with any specific instructions you have for people who use the document. 

5.    Instructions for completing the template appear in regular brackets [ ]. After you’ve followed these instructions, delete them.

6.    Fill in and/or replace all additional information as instructed.

7.    Add and delete portions of the template as suits your organization.

8.    You will need to update the date in the top right corner. 

9.    You can save the document as a Word document, but we encourage you to also save it as a pdf for sharing. This will keep others from changing information when they use the documents as a guide. 

There are specific instructions about how to compile information for individual templates, but the above instructions work for all of Storybook Foundry's templates.